Sunday, July 18, 2010


Aaron, Mary Grace, Rachel, and I attended Waldfest at Spring garden in East Aurora for the first time today. This was the 35th annual time that the event has been held. I neglected to bring a camera because I had no idea how big of an event it would actually turn out to be. So the photo was taken with Rachels camera phone. Turned out to be a real good time. It felt like Oktoberfest only in July. The weather was nice, not too muggy. I'm looking forward to Schlachtfest on September 12th. Only disappointment was the utter lack of bavarian style pretezels (which is just unexcusable).

Here is a link to the spring garden website.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Hop growth.

After nearly 3 months the cascade hop vines have reached (and surppassed by several feet) the top of the line that I secured to the garage. The willamette vine is fuller than the cascade but has not yet reached the same height. The nugget vine broke throught the mulch weeks latter than the other varieties and a strong rain snapped the small shoot in two. It has been in active since.