Blame it on Munich. In 2006 my wife Rachel and I took a trip to Germany to visit her brother Aaron who was studying abroad. It only took one sip of Augustiner Weissbier and a whole new world opened up to me. When Aaron returned to the United States he began home brewing. Two years later I began brewing with him. In 2010 my long time friend Gene began brewing with us and I began blogging about our activities. I worked as a tasting host for Long Trail Ale while in college (which only fueled the fire). In December of 2010 I graduated college and my wife and I moved to Austin, TX leaving behind the Rust Belt and the city of Buffalo, NY in which we lived for 27 years.

New year, new city, and a new chapter for Rusty Zymurgy.

This blog is a love letter to all things fermentable. It began as a journal of three friends home brewing and is continuing to evolve all the time. My passion is craft beer and in particular home brewing. The styles that I am particular to are American Pale Ales and Belgian style Farmhouse Ales. When it comes to brewing I'm a grass roots guy. I try to organically grow as many ingredients as I can on my own (which is much more difficult in Texas than New York). In addition to being a beer geek I love to cook and enjoy working in my garden. I'm also a huge music nerd. I am a recent college graduate and am currently working for Austin Homebrew Supply.

 - Jay