Friday, February 12, 2010

A great deal

Aaron and I picked this up while running around on the hunt for various brewing necessities last night. I'm fairly confident in stating that this is the best beer you're going to get in WNY for $0.50 a can. Not only is it not bad, it's good. I could get used to drinking this stuff regularly (Though I don't think that will be possible because I believe it is a limited batch.). I'm not going to get into flavor profiles and aromas with this one, I'll just say that it smells like a bock should and tastes pretty good. What a great can too. The 12 pack caught my eye immediately in a sea of attractive and flashy packaged beers. Nothing else had that striking lime green and such a simple and classic logo. A great start to a long holiday weekend and for $5.99 none the less!

- Jay

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